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Breakfast Egg Wraps

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

These egg wraps are delicious, very easy to customize + modify based on preference. I love making them on Sunday and storing them in the freezer for an easy + fast weekday breakfast.

Makes 8.


Tortillas, 8

Eggs, 8 -10 (if you prefer more egg than veg in your burritos, go for 10 eggs!)

Sweet Potatoes, 1 large or 2 small

Zucchini, 1

Bell Pepper, 1/2 - 1

Cheese, 16 thin slices of cheese

Splash of milk or water

Salt, pepper, garlic powder


1. Poke holes in potato with fork and microwave for ~3 mins until softish. I like to add a splash of water to the plate to help the potato steam.

2. Dice zucchini, bell pepper, and sweet potato and sauté with seasonings. Set aside.

3. Scramble eggs with splash of milk or water. Set aside.

- For fluffier scrambled eggs: add eggs + milk or water to cold pan. Turn heat to low, and stir regularly. Cooking eggs this way takes a bit longer but your eggs will be so fluffy and moist.

4. Heat tortillas in pan 2 at a time. When warm, add cheese and let melt. Add ascoop of eggs and scoop of vegetables. (Don't fill too full, that makes it harder to roll!!)

5. Roll tightly and turn up heat. Add butter or oil to pan and crisp all sides. Repeat with remaining ingredients!

6. Let cool, then wrap in tinfoil and freeze.


1. For fastest reheat, remove wrap from freezer the night before and store in fridge. Heat in microwave.

2. Or, when ready to eat remove wrap from freezer and place in cold oven. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F and remove wrap when oven has preheated. If wrap is not hot through when oven is done preheating, heat in microwave.

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