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Living foods that love me back

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

It has taken me all 26 years of my life to embrace fermented foods outside of alcohol (lol). I always hated the thought and honestly the smell + taste of 'rotten' food but now I need it and crave it.

Reasons why I love living foods:

- good source of probiotics, contributes to the good bacteria in the gut

- helps digestion + bloating

- fermented foods increases the availability + absorption of vitamins and minerals

- a healthy gut microbiome supports the immune system

How/when I consume:

- a few bites of yogurt in the morning

- a few bites of sauerkraut or fermented ginger carrots (local, no link) before lunch/dinner

- mocktail with Living Vinegar before dinner

Links to my recent favs:

Saurkraut / Kimchi


- Coconut Cult -- the Chocolate Mousse is insane


- Kombucha -- I love Health-Ade, GT's, and Brew Dr.

- ACV -- Bragg is great and widely available, recently tried out Acid League Living Vinegar and love mixing into a tasty little mocktail!

- Farmhouse Culture gut shot -- I use this when I'm in a pinch as it's widely available! There are different flavors as well which is nice to mix it up.

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