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Lunch Salad

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Don’t let the name fool you, you can have this any time of day! But deli meat + cheddar just sounds like lunch to me. What I love about a big salad is that you can toss in whatever vegetables you have, and if you’re missing one on this list it’s no big deal. Let me know if you make it and if you make any subs/swaps!

Serves 5 (modify quantities for smaller servings!)


Greens, I prefer this spring mix. SO GOOD

Carrots, 1 large

Persian cucumbers, 4

Sweet Bell Peppers, 1.5-2

Avocado, 1

Salami, 8 pieces (or your choice of lunch meat!)

Cheddar, 5 slices (try spicy cheddar!!!)

Feta, a generous sprinkle

Toasted pepitas or sunflower seeds, generous sprinkle

Cilantro or Parsley, measure with your heart

Salt + Pepper


1. Chop veggies. Chop meat and cheese into cubes.

2. Add greens to a big bowl and then pile everything on top.

3. Drizzle with a high quality olive oil.


Serve as the main dish or as a side!

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