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One-Week meal plan (for 2)

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Here is your 6 day meal plan and grocery shopping list!!! This cost me $145, which comes out to $4 per meal. I shopped at Trader Joe's but you shouldn't have a problem finding any of these ingredients wherever you choose to shop.

There are 5 dinner recipes, 2 breakfast recipes (makes 16 breakfasts total, keep in freezer and these will take you into the next week as well!!!), and plenty of options for lunches + snacks and dessert. This grocery haul should get you through the week and allow you to also order in/ pick up something from a local restaurant.

Planning ahead ensures that we aren't wasting food, we always have something ready to go when hanger hits, and we can have breakfast and lunch ready in minutes. I hope you consider giving this meal plan a shot - I would love to hear what you think!

FYI this list does not include coffee! We buy ours from our local coffee shop. Also, I assumed that baking powder, olive oil, coconut oil, and salt + pepper + oregano would already be in your kitchens, so please do buy these things if you do not already have them!

Grocery List (PDF)

Grocery list pdf
Download PDF • 51KB

Grocery List (MOBILE)

Grocery list pdf (1)
Download DOCX • 8KB




Spring mix, 2 bags



Bell Peppers, 3

Carrots, 1 bag (I prefer whole carrots to baby carrots - they stay good much longer!)

Zucchini, 3

Sweet Potatoes, 3-4 large

Persian Cucumbers, 1 pack

Avocados, 2

Onion, 1 (I grabbed yellow)

Garlic, 1 head


Apples, 1 bag or 5 large

Oranges, 1 bag or 2-3

Bananas, 1 bunch

Blueberries, 1 large punnet

Lemons, 2 (only called for in one recipe, use extra for lemon water, tea, or dressing a salad)


Ground Beef, 1 pound

Shrimp, I buy frozen! You'll want to make sure you have 6-10ish per person

Chicken Sausage, 1 pack

Ground Turkey, 1 pound

Chicken, 2 large breasts


Tortillas, large (8") and small (5"), ~16 total

Bagels, 1 pack (*just another option for breakfast, optional! Keep in freezer)

Pita bread, at least 2 pieces

Pantry Goods

Noodles, 1 bag (I prefer brown rice noodles or chickpea noodles)

Quick oats, 1 small tub

Peanut Butter, 1 jar (check ingredients - go for options with just peanuts + salt)

Salsa, 1 jar

Bread crumbs, 1 bag

Maple Syrup

Chocolate chips, 1 bag (I like dark) *optional, for desert

Crisp Rice cereal *optional, for desert

*Note - if you want marinara or a sauce for meatballs, buy a jar! I did not.


Cheddar cheese, 1 block ( I LOVE Kerrygold, or a good sharp cheddar)

Feta, 1 small tub

Parmesan, at least 1 oz (I prefer to buy it in a block to save plastic!)

Greek yogurt, 1 tub (I prefer organic full fat)

Almond milk, 1 jug (go for unsweetened + organic)

Eggs, 1 dozen

Nuts + Seeds

Nuts, 1 bag (I got walnuts!)

Seeds - *optional, I like hemp seeds for breakfasts and sunflower seeds for salads


Sparkling water, 1 case (*optional!)



- I make this on Sunday. Let it cool and then cut into 8ish pieces. Store in Tupperware with layers of wax paper between. Keep in freezer. Heat in oven or microwave for breakfast! I like to add any of the following: fresh berries, bananas, peanut butter, maple syrup, a scoop of yogurt, nuts, hemp seeds.

- I make these on Sunday. Store in freezer. Heat in oven or microwave for a fast and easy weekday breakfast.

- Use the 8" tortillas here!

Other breakfast options:


Fruit + peanut butter

Bagel + peanut butter

Bagel + avocado


- If you bought marinara, serve meatballs with warmed sauce.

- Serve with a salad, or noodles, or sautéed zucchini + peppers!

- Serve with toasted pita and a salad.

Jeanette from Shutthekaleup's Floutas:

- My method: cook chicken in crock pot with one jar of salsa. Shred. Heat skillet and warm tortillas (use the 5" tortillas). Add a slice of cheese and let it melt slightly. Add chicken on top, roll tightly. Then, I add butter (you could use oil) to the pan and rotate the taco until each side is crispy.

- Serve with a scoop of greek yogurt, cilantro, avocado and greens.

- Serve with veggies, greens, and shrimp (or chicken sausage!).

Roasted Veg:

- At the end of the week, roast or sauté the leftover zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, etc and chicken sausage for an easy meal.


- The EASIEST lunch ever = reheating leftovers from dinner the night before.

- Make lunch a bit lighter by serving the protein from the night before over a big bed of greens, add fresh bell pepper, carrots, avocado, nuts, seeds, and cheese!

- A BIG salad! Here is my guide to building a perfect salad:

- Pull a freezer burrito out!

- Chicken sausage + veggies

- Cheesy Noods + veggies


- Banana, apple, orange, bell pepper, carrots


- I make these, cut into pieces, and store in freezer for a sweet treat whenever you want one!

*You'll likely have leftover peanut butter, crisp rice cereal, oats, and nut milk. You can make 2 batches of dessert, or try looking up a recipe for energy balls!!!

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