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Rest Days

I've been working out regularly since my senior year of high school. I've gone through many phases - starting with running and eventually training for a marathon, getting into yoga and eventually completing my 200-YTT to become a certified teacher, as well as weight-lifting, circuit training, and Pilates. Each has a special place in my heart and my weekly routine.

There are many influential figures in the health and fitness realm that I follow for inspiration and educational content. I've followed running training plans and workout guides, read blogs and watched videos from the best in the business. I've learned a lot and picked up many habits from people that I trust -- but one thing I've never resonated with is how/when to take rest days. Most experts agree that rest is necessary to progress and a healthy exercise routine. Most trainers would recommend 5-6 workouts per week with 1-2 rest days mixed in, and I think that is a good, very general recommendation.

BUT over time I've found that I don't like building in rest days. Too many of my declared rest days I've found myself energized and itching to move, and then I have to talk myself out of a workout in order to rest... when maybe, I didn't really need it.

So instead of following a very unanimous feeling recommendation, I lean into my intuition and check in daily with what my body needs. Usually, a 30-60 minute workout is not only manageable but necessary for my mood and my mental health. On days when even a gentle 30 minute workout sounds like too much, I rest. On days when I feel sickness or fatigue creeping in, I rest. On days when I am overcome with stress and crave a different form of self love, I rest. Finally, on days when life is too full to make time to move, I rest. I put no measure on this.

It is difficult to give advice that is not measurable, but it is important to me to be honest. My rest schedule looks different than anyone I know, and that feels good to me because I know that it's mine -- what really works for my body and my needs.

I encourage you to consider WHY and WHEN you rest and make sure that it's because you need it. As with all things in life, you have all your own answers and my hope is that by sharing mine, you'll become comfortable in stepping out of what you think SHOULD be into what IS.

Whether you're moving or resting - give yourself what you need! xx- Eden

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