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If you've read my FOOD PHILOSOPHY, you might be here like wtf. To recap, I try to fill my diet with nutrient dense food that comes straight from the earth; my philosophy is going back to basics because it is what feels best for MY body, and one of the efforts I'm making in being a better steward of the earth. BUT!!! There is still room in my life for processed, tasty snacks that are most certainly not local. It's all about balancing nutrition, satisfaction, and fulfillment -- and tbh it can be a delicate balance.

At the end of the day, chips are still chips, crackers are still crackers. I prefer the "better for you" ingredient variations of snacks, and always opt for organic when possible. Why? Certified organic ensures there are no glyphosate sprayed crops, no artificial dyes, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and no gmos. I grew up on Nacho Doritos and Cheetos and damn are they tasty -- but these days I opt for options with fewer ingredients and avoid inflammatory oils, dyes and other endocrine disruptors. To each their own FOR SURE, but if you're interested, these are my favs to whip out when I'm entertaining or traveling... let me know what you've tried, what you're excited to try, and what I missed!!!

My sister Anna (who is a Holistic Health Coach) and I share a passion for snacks. Our dream Saturday is when our dumb sons go golfing and we get to stroll the isles of our fav grocery stores. So I promise that when we put our heads together we'll always bring you the latest and greatest.

Simple Mills - I've never met a Simple Mills product I didn't like!!!

To top the list, my fav are the Almond Flour Crackers. My go-to flavor is Sea Salt, but I also love the Rosemary and the Farmhouse Cheddar. The Organic Seed Flour Crackers are a new release and honestly they're incredible -- maybe a little harder to find but def snag them if you see 'em!

A new-to-me product that I LOVE are the Sweet Thins. Think graham cracker + teddy graham crossover. We made smores with them. I ate peanut butter on them. There is probably no limit to the delicious things you could do with these, particularly the Honey Cinnamon. Though the Chocolate Brownie is also so good!!!!

Finally, love the Vanilla Cake mix. Such a good base for any kind of muffin + cake with less sugar and better ingredients.

If you see Simple Mills products, swipe them up. Beyond what I even listed here, all the products are made with phenomenal ingredients and taste even better than you think!!!!

Siete Foods

So chips, duh. The grain free tortilla chips have been a staple for years now. I love the Sea Salt flavor, as well as the Lime and the NACHO!!!. But just recently the Siete Potato chips have made their way to my Whole Foods and wow !!! I'm obsessed with the Sea Salt and Vinegar + Serano chips, they go VERY well with a sandwich at lunch is what I'm saying.

Ok the COOKIES!!! They are honestly unbelievable. I've had all 3 flavors but I really love the Mexican Wedding Cookies and Mexican Shortbread Cookies.

*As a side note, I also recommend the tortillas, the enchilada sauce AND the taco seasoning!!


I love the Chocolate Gems, the Sea Salt Crackers, and the Grain-free Cookies -- chocolate chip is the best imo. This brand is certainly a bit pricier than the others! I love the taste, texture, and quality of the ingredients but only buy on occasion because of the cost.


This is likely a very unpopular opinion but pretzels are my favorite snack. Pretzels over everything!!! Was thrilled when I found Quinn -- my favorites are the Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels and the Rye-Style Pretzel Rods

Lesser Evil

The popcorn is SO GOOD!!! Haven't tried all the flavors but the classics are amazing. Great ingredients!! The Paleo Puffs are also yum but I don't love the ingredients as much as I do the popcorn.

Skinny Pop

Another simple ingredient, bagged popcorn that I like is Skinny Pop. I find this everywhere I go which is awesome because popcorn is always a great snack!!! Esp if you shovel it by the handful am I right? My favorites are the Sea Salt & Pepper and Original.

Off the Eaten Path

Love this price point of these snacks and also the variety of flavors. The Veggie Crisps are like smaller, thinner rice cakes and are made with a very short list of ingredients. The HUMMUS CHIPS omfg these are unlike anything else and sooo good -- the ingredients are actually not great but damn the few times I've had these I've crushed them!

Mary's Gone Crackers

Love what this brand stands for. The Super Seed Rosemary Crackers are epic on a charcuterie board. I also really like the Real Thin Sea Salt crackers!


These organic plantain chips are so THICK

and CRISPY!! They are yummy just to snack on but I love pairing them with guacamole. My favorite is the Himalayan Pink Salt, but the Acapulco Lime and Sea Salt and Vinegar are also tasty!

The Good Crisp

They say "classic canister chip" I say CLEAN PRINGLES!!! Def don't buy these all the time but you bet any time I'm going on a long car ride or hanging out with friends I am coming in hot with these. The Classic Originals are good but the Sour Cream and Onion are my favorite.

OK THAT'S IT FOR NOW but I will def come back and update this post when I find new snacks that I love. Happy snacking!!!!


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