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In December 2018 I completed my Computer Science certificate. My favorite CS course was Human and Computer interaction, in which we studied the way design and experience influences how people interact with technology. Throughout this course I developed 3 case studies, each of which focus on improving the experience of existing technologies.

Below you will find my project books with detailed documentation of the process of observing, understanding, experimenting, prototyping, and creating an improved user experience for an app, a website, and a physical technology application.

uw bus app_edited.jpg

This casebook analyzes the current app that hosts the greater Madison community bus transportation, ultimately redesigning the app to better serve the community.

library .jpg

This casebook analyzes the inefficiencies of reserving a study room in the library through the University of Wisconsin-Madison library website.


This book presents the solution to the overlooked problem of keys. After studying the inefficiencies of physical keys, we designed a system that eliminates them completely. Welcome to the future!

Here is the final product!

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