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Best Lunch Salad Bowl

I love this salad bowl and have it for lunch almost every day. It is DELICIOUS but also just the right combination to keep you full and satisfied without any brain fog or mid afternoon slump. ALSO- you can buy everything you need at the beginning of the week and use it all up by Friday. No waste, no decisions, very little time required. Nailed it.

This bowl is so easily customized to your preferences, swap in your fav nuts/protein/herbs/carb but let me tell you... I'm really onto something with this combo.


- Greens, one large tub or 2 small tubs/bags. I prefer spring mix

- Chicken sausage, one pack of 5. I buy the precooked kind to make this lunch even quicker!

- Pistachios, buy a small bag and add a sprinkle to each salad

- Avocados, 2

- Crumbled Goat cheese, one small container

- Large Bell pepper, any color- you’ll need ~2

- Carrots, you’ll need 4-5ish so buy a small bag

- high quality olive oil! (The quality really makes a difference in the taste! Buy a special one just for u and call it #seLfcArE)

- **on days I'm extra hungry, I like to add sautéed sweet potato! SO good!


Fill your bowl with greens. Cut sausage into bit size pieces and heat until one edge crisps in a medium/hot pan. Layer in the carrots, bell peppers, pistachios , goat cheese and hunks of avocado. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Add hot sausage on top and enjoy.

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