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How I curb a cold and prevent illness

Let me start by saying, it has been a glorious 18 months of not being sick. I'm thankful to have the resources to have kept myself and my loved ones healthy during the pandemic, and on top of that -- not being exposed to large groups of people kept me safe from the standard colds, fevers, etc that come with life.

But. This summer I got to reunite with family for a week-long reunion -- this was by far the largest group of people I've been with since early 2020 and by the end of the week I had an uncomfortable tickle in my throat. I felt slightly rundown + under the weather for 3-4 days before I was on the mend. I absolutely believe that my healthy lifestyle keeps me well, and aids in prevention year round. I wanted to share some of the habits + supplements I use to help curb illness just a little quicker. Comment and let me know if I missed any :)

  1. Hydrate! I'm always chugging water, regardless of if I'm healthy or feeling sick. But, I really focus on hydration when I'm run down. I aim for ~100 oz a day and pass on any sugary or alcoholic drinks completely.

  2. Uh-huh honey!! Honey HEALS! I love starting my morning with warm water + squeeze of lemon + honey. It's so soothing to the throat and supports natural energy, immune health, mental clarity, and overall balance, packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Speaks for itself!

  3. Quality rest. Everyone knows that rest is important to healing, but good quality rest is what will actually contribute to feeling better. I try and wind down at least 30 minutes before I intend to sleep by dimming the lights, not looking at ANY screens, and making a peppermint tea. Winding down helps me deal with thoughts and stressors that might disrupt sleep! I also aim for at least 7.5 hours when I'm feeling run down. No phone in the morning either to really wake up well.

  4. Colorful food. LIKE ALWAYS -- I aim for a variety of colors in my diet. Lots of greens and plenty of fresh berries + tons of other fruits and veg. Each color packs tons of nutrients and variety is always best! I also do my best to stay away from packaged/ heavily processed food because it really slows me down, especially when I'm healing!

  5. Bone broth. I was not into bone broth the first few times I had it -- I thought it was just boring & flavorless soup. But I started cooking with bone broth and making nourishing soups with it, and it's grown on me over time. Now anytime I'm not feeling well, or if my appetite isn't 100%, I sip on bone broth. Jonah loves it too! It's like an instant pick-me-up, the ultimate comfort food. I buy mine local when I can but Bonafide Provisions is a go-to.

  6. Turmeric supplement. I've been loving this Garden of Life Turmeric to support a healthy inflammatory response. Any time I feel like there is inflammation in my body I lean on this first!

  7. Propolis spray. Beekeepers Naturals is such a cool company and this throat spray might be my all time favorite product. Sooo soothing and offers an immunity boost throughout the day. Jonah and I like to use it for allergy season as well!

  8. Organic Olivia Liver Juice to support the body's natural detoxification process. Just a few drops mixed in with a water or a sparkling water!!

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