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OUT OF || May

A recap of May's most noteworthy.


Midnight Library by Matt Haig

A sweet story about the decisions we make and the people we become. Nora Seed finds herself lonely and regretful of all the things she didn't do when she's whisked into all the possible lives she could have had. Nora lives out all her possible lives only to realize that she turned out to be exactly who she was meant to be. I enjoyed this story and it made me appreciate who I've become because of what I've done, and acknowledge that everything happens as it should as long as you're open to it.


HeLa cells are the backbone of modern medicine and yet Henrietta Lacks, the woman from whom the cells were taken, rests in an unmarked grave. HeLa has made many people richer and healthier, yet her family is unable to afford health care.

This book is a historical account of the life of Henrietta and the implications of her cells living on after her death.


I love being in the kitchen and whipping up foods that make me feel good af. Check out my most recent creations below or head to my food blog round up to see what else has been cookin :)

Salty Cinnamon Granola

If you follow me on Instagram you may have caught my rant on sugary cereal/ granola. I've been on the hunt for cereal that isn't loaded with sugar and other ingredients that don't serve me first thing in the morning. I made a simple granola using oats + nuts and generously seasoned with cinnamon and a little bit of sea salt. It makes about ~8 servings but Jonah could have finished it in 2. We both loved it, give it a try!

Greek Salad Bowl

My go-to dinner this summer - I'm calling it now!!! This bowl is so fresh + flavorful and loaded up with veggies and herbs, grilled chicken, and fresh lemon and olive oil. YUM. Prep begins a few hours before the meal (marinating chicken) but the entire meal comes together in 15-20 minutes. Give this simple, fresh, yummy, satisfying bowl a try - you won't regret it!


The name says it all. This easy meal is a staple on busy weeknights or Sunday evenings when I just can't be bothered to cook. Healthy and light and quick to come together - you might find yourself making this meal even when you have more than 20 minutes.


I've developed quite the collection of workout gear over the last year-and-a-half of working out exclusively in my living room. I keep it simple and opt for equipment that can serve multiple purposes, travels well and really gives me the most bang for my buck - you feel me?

Rec Sweat gear Trideer PIlates Ball from Amazon LIFORME yoga mat

If you're interested in workout ideas for some of this equipment check out this Pilates flow using bands or this Pilates flow using gliders and a ball.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you stay up to date with weekly classes. As always, let me know how you're liking them and if you have specific requests for classes!

I LOOOVVVVED this flow. I came into this class a sopping sponge and left all wrung out, light, brand new! Twisty, stretchy and strengthening - SO GOOD! Give this 60 min class a shot.

I highly recommend this heart opening flow before you start your day. We work through the shoulders, chest, neck and head to start the day in alignment. Although the practice is physical I encourage you to take your open heart into your day and lead with softness and openness.

That's it for now... Happy Memorial Day weekend !

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